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Manual Water Softener with Manual Sand Filter

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Is hard water ruining your day? Tired of cloudy, gritty water? Reclaim your home with the Manual Water Softener and Manual Sand Filter combo.

Key Features:
  • Removes hardness through advanced ion exchange technology and removes up to 99% of dust, dirt, and turbidity from water
  • Prevents mineral buildup in appliances and plumbing
  • Improves the effectiveness of soaps and detergents
  • Leaves skin and hair feeling silkier and more manageable
  • Operates without electricity for reliable, consistent performance

Dealing with the effects of hard water is a constant battle - from dingy laundry to dry, itchy skin. The Manual Water Softener is your secret weapon to win the war against hardness minerals. Using a proven ion exchange process, this compact system removes calcium, magnesium, and other troublesome minerals, transforming your water and transforming your life.

The Manual Water Softener and Manual Sand Filter combo is the ideal solution to enjoy the benefits of soft water without the high cost and complex installation. Simply connect it to your main water line and let it get to work, providing you and your family with clean, soft water whenever you need it.

Type Water Softener, Sand Filter
Process Ion Exchange, Filtration
Material FRP
Pressure Rating 5 kg/cm2
Temperature Below 60 degree celcius
Operating Mode Manual
Working Hardness upto 2000 ppm of CaCO3
Output Hardness Below 30 ppm of CaCO3
Working Turbidity 50 ppm
Output Between Regeneration (liters) Based on design
Output Between Salt Addition (liters) Based on design
Water Source Boring water, Tap water, Municipal Water
Salt Type Consult your manual for the recommended salt type for optimal performance.
Warranty 12 Months
Installation & After Sales Services Yes
  • Home and apartments
  • Process water for manufacturing plants
  • Boiler feed water and cooling water make-up
  • Beverage and food processing industry
  • Hospital, hotel, institute, laundries and more
Item in the box
FRP Vessel - Softener* 1 No.
Multiport Valve - Softener (Manual)* 1 No.
Resin* Quantity based on design
Brine Tank* 1 No.
FRP Vessel - Filter* 1 No.
Multiport Valve - Filter (Manual)* 1 No.
Sand* Quantity based on design
Supporting Media* Quantity based on design
Skid (Optional)* 1 No.
Pipe & Pipe Fittings* Lump sump

* Order Your Filter acts as your virtual assistant, and based on the input data provided, it designs and does the costing for you! All the dimensions, quantity, and brand of components will depend on the design and your choice of components.

Installation Arrangement - Manual Water Softener with Manual Sand Filter
The images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product.
  1. In order to reduce the Water Softeners & Sand Filters sizing and thus costing, it is highly recommended to install them before and near to your storage tank.
  2. The Water Softeners & Sand Filters should be kept away from the heater or any heat outlet. It is also recommended that the Water Softeners & Sand Filters should be installed under shed or provided a shed to protect it from direct sunlight & rain.
  3. The location should have access to a main water supply line to connect the
  4. The regeneration & backwash will be required after predefined time period based on the design of Water Softeners & Sand Filters. The water flow will be required at the time of regeneration & backwash.
  5. The Water Softeners & Sand Filters should be installed lower than overhead tank.
  6. The Water Softeners & Sand Filters should be located close to the drain. The drain should not be beyond 10 feet from the installation location as well as should not be more than 5 feet above floor level.
  7. The installation location should be easily accessible, where all the equipment and materials can be carried easily.
  8. The installation location should have enough space for the Water Softeners & Sand Filters unit and allows easy access for future maintenance and refills of salt. The refill of salt is required on predefined time interval depending on the design of system..
  9. Bypass line along with ball valves should be provided. Bypass line will greatly help in maintaining the Water Softeners & Sand Filters.
  10. A non-return valve of good quality should be provided, so that water will not return during regeneration & backwash of the system.
  11. The typical time required for Water Softener regeneration would be in between 90 to 120 minutes and consists of backwash, brine draw, slow rinse, and fast rinse.
    The typical time required for Sand Filter backwash would be in between 5 to 20 minutes and consists of backwash and rinse.
    Manual Water Softeners and Sand Filters need to be manually regenerated and backwashed respectively on regular frequency as per the design of system.
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